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Are you in control of your unconscious mind? Think again! Clash Chikae, a former drug addict turned security guard takes us into his mental abusive world, where he is revealed to one of the biggest secrets of mankind. Through clues and a deep history that’s uncovered, Clash learns the unconscious minds of all human beings are controlled by 5 Dark Angels. Their agenda, control humans, write the future of the world, and unleash a different kind of apocalypse. Their secret mission is called En•ceph•a•lon [Brain control].

Clash is the only one with a free unconscious mind trying to piece it all together. He will see signs within the world and in his dreams providing more evidence. Clash will try to convince others at alcohol anonymous where he works about En•ceph•a•lon. The dark angels of apocalypse will try to stop him from freeing others. However, Clash the masochist has guidance from powers beyond.

Take this mental abusive, highly sexual, immoral journey, and free your unconscious mind as well! If not, it may be the end of mankind and they will come. Free your unconscious mind, fight it… break free. Join Clash Chikae on this 8 part comic novel series.

The comic novel for En-Ceph-A-Lon will be published in October 2014.

This comic is for mature audiences only – 17+